About Us


Established in 1969 and originally located at Spring Street in Chatswood, our company entered the newly emerging specialist Hi-Fi and TV market with the intention of providing intelligent, informed advice to our clients on what was, at the time, rather daunting new technology. High Fidelity audio, until the late sixties, had been the sole domain of the electronic hobbyist.

Over the next 10 years we rapidly established a name and reputation which allowed us not only to survive, but flourish on word-of-mouth advertising and customer referrals. In 1979, the size of the business had increased to the extent that the existing premises in Chatswood were no longer adequate. Consequently we moved to a new location in Roseville where we traded for 33 years.

As technology advanced and customers demanded simplicity and ease-of-use from their entertainment systems, the custom installation side of the business was expanded. Along with the rapid growth in “Home Theatre”, this has become the biggest part of our business. The move away from straightforward retail sales and a greater focus on bespoke custom installations has led us to our most recent relocation into our current premises in Hornsby. From this location we can focus on prompt and efficient service to the majority of our customer base located in Northern Sydney, whilst continuing to serve the greater Sydney metro area.

Our reputation for high quality workmanship and our low profile has enabled us to provide audio-visual and automation systems for some of Sydney’s most prestigious homes, where discretion and confidentiality are of paramount importance. Whether your project is large or small, you will receive the same courteous and professional service.



We believe we are unique in our passion and care for what we do. You will be amazed at the level of quality that can be achieved when our expertise, specialised cabling/equipment and calibration techniques are utilised. With our many years of experience in custom installation we can provide entertainment solutions for any room and any home, large or small.

We enjoy a unique relationship with our suppliers, many of whom we have been dealing with for over 20 years. We are one of the oldest names in Sydney Hi-Fi with a small team of dedicated technicians, who will work closely with your building contractor and other trades to ensure that your project progresses smoothly.



We are licensed to perform all cabling relevant to our part of your project, and we use only the best quality cabling and connections available. This ensures that we can achieve the highest possible level of performance from your equipment regardless of whether it is pre-owned, supplied by us, or supplied by a traditional “big chain” retailer. Once your system is installed and calibrated it will continue to provide many reliable years of entertainment, free of those annoying glitches and intermittent problems that are frequently the symptoms of poor quality cabling/connections or bad installation practices.


Flexibility and Value

As part of our personalised service we are happy to consult with you on how to get the most out of your equipment investment. We understand that it is often not economical or practical to throw away older but still functioning components, simply to replace them with the latest and greatest technology; in these tough economic times it is important to maximise the value from your previous purchases and get the best “bang for your buck” from any new purchases.

Therefore, we can integrate your existing equipment into a new system wherever possible, and we leave you free to source equipment from a retailer of your choice and simply utilise our expert installation services if you prefer. This flexible personalised approach means that you can drive the best value if you want to source new equipment yourself, or you can simply leave it all to us. The choice is yours.



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